Jul 12, 2020 Last Updated 3:13 PM, Apr 24, 2020


Apr. 29, 2019

Every Conformity Assessment Body (CAB), assessed and accredited by the Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation (JANAAC), has rights and responsibilities related to its accredited status and use of the accreditation symbol or the Accredited CAB Combined ILAC MRA Mark (accredited laboratories only) as outlined below.

1.0 The accredited CAB has the right to:

1.1 use the fact of its accreditation and the accreditation symbol or the Accredited CAB Combined ILAC MRA Mark in its advertising and marketing programmes and documents.

1.2 a fair and impartial assessment of its premises, systems and processes by JANAAC.

1.3 appeal against decision(s) of JANAAC regarding its accreditation status.

1.4 due notice from JANAAC, of any changes to its requirements for accreditation.

1.5 be guided by JANAAC on how to obtain suitable information regarding traceability of measurement results, in relation to the scope for which accreditation is provided.

1.6 have its views expressed and considered by JANAAC, regarding the precise form and effective date of changes to accreditation requirements.

2.0 The accredited CAB has the responsibility to:

2.1 only make reference to the specific area(s) in which accreditation has been granted when promoting its granted accreditation in advertisements and marketing documents, etc.

2.2 use the accreditation symbol according to “Guideline for use of JANAAC’s Accreditation Symbols or the Accredited CAB Combined ILAC MRA Mark” - JANAAC/DOC/20 or JANAAC/DOC/20-02 (inspection bodies)

2.3 participate in development activities, required for maintenance of its accreditation, which are organized by JANAAC and other related bodies

2.4 continually comply with all JANAAC requirements for accreditation for the areas in which accreditation has been granted. This includes adapting to duly notified changes in JANAAC’s requirements for accreditation.

2.5 continually comply with the conditions of the signed Licence Agreement – JANAAC/DOC/09

2.6 at no time, perform activities that discredit the JANAAC name and/or any other organization accredited by JANAAC

2.7 pay all accreditation fees as agreed with JANAAC

2.8 permit JANAAC to have, as required, access to all their documents and records, access to their facilities and opportunities to witness their services related to the scope of accreditation, as well as to accommodate and cooperate with the assessment team of JANAAC.

2.9 grant access to those documents that provide insight into the level of independence and impartiality from its related bodies.

2.10 participate in interlaboratory comparisons or proficiency testing, as applicable, and to inform JANAAC of these results.

2.11 inform JANAAC, without delay, of any substantial change in their organization, system and procedures which directly relate to the scope of accreditation. These may include changes in:

(i) legal, commercial, ownership or organizational structure

(ii) top management and key personnel

(iii) important policies

(iv) resources and premises

(v) accreditation scope and

(vi) any other matter that could affect the CAB’s capacity to fulfill its accreditation requirements.

2.12 return to JANAAC any accreditation certificate and other relevant documentation, in the event of the reduction, suspension or withdrawal of its accreditation scope.