Feb 05, 2023 Last Updated 4:20 PM, Jan 4, 2023

About Our Training Services

JANAACs training function is critical for the important support it provides to the accreditation services delivered to the conformity assessment bodies (CABs) we serve and intend to serve in the future. These include testing and calibration laboratories to the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard, medical laboratories to the ISO 15189 international standard and inspection bodies to the ISO/IEC 17020 international standard.

Since 2008, JANAAC has provided world-class training facilitated by trainers who possess significant experience both in training and also in their respective technical fields. In most cases, our trainers are also qualified assessors, giving the perfect opportunity to share first-hand experiences on accreditation activities and best practices as they deliver these training sessions. JANAAC has also partnered with other organizations at the regional, extra-regional and international levels to deliver important training to our clients.

The design and development of our training courses are done with the objective of contributing to the building of capacity of our clients and their continual improvement. These programmes are delivered to:

  • Build capacity and encourage the development of the relevant skill to meet our clients organizational objectives.
  • Create interactive and participative methods to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Customize courses to the level of the respective CABs to ensure value.
  • Enhance the development and partnership of future guidance on problem-solving at no extra cost.
  • Facilitation of sharing of knowledge through the building of networks.

Our courses are currently delivered in the form of:

  1. Public training courses
  2. In-house training where the number allows (this is delivered mainly to tertiary level educational institutions)

JANAAC is totally committed to the design, development and delivery of training sessions that will provide knowledge and build the capacity of our participants/clients. This will add value towards their accreditation and increases the sustainability of their businesses.